Notebook Hardware Control

Notebook Hardware Control 2.4

It monitors in real time the hardware performance of your Laptop
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Network Hardware Control is a very useful tool designed to monitor in real time Laptops' hardware performance - It can also be used for PCs. The program monitors CPU clock, CPU load, CPU temperature, HD temperature, battery charge, battery charge rate, and RAM status. You can set the monitoring time interval from 1 second to 1 day. The program shows the monitored information in three ways: from the GUI's main window, on the desktop, or the status bar. The program automatically adds four icons to the system tray, where you can select different performance profiles. The GUI shows by default four tabs: "STATUS" that shows the monitored information; "Profiles" that allows you to set different profiles for AC line and battery operation; "Settings" that allows you to show all options (only recommended for advanced users); and "Info" that shows all the computer hardware info. If you start the monitoring process from the GUI, you will see the monitored information on your computer’s desktop.
Requirements: Microsoft .Net Framework, Verdana TrueType font family, and administrator user rights.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can change the monitoring time interval; and choose different profiles for AC line and battery operation
  • It has three ways of showing the monitored information


  • The program doesn't run if the Verdana font family is not previously installed
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